Why Cant I Send A Message On Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is an application that has made messaging very easy for all the account holders on the social media site but sometimes many users find themselves not being able to send messages on Facebook Messenger. There can be many reasons why Facebook Messenger not working on your device.
But, let me tell you that rather than focusing on the reasons for this issue we should think about how we can solve this problem. We are going to tell you the simplest solutions that will help you in fixing the problem of Facebook Messenger not loading messages.

What to Do if Facebook Messenger is Not Sending Messages?

1. Ensure A Stable Connection

It is very important that you have a stable network connection when you are using Facebook Messenger. So, if you are not able to send messages on Messenger then, you should close the net and open it. Also, you can try to enable the airplane mode and then disable it. This usually solves the network-related issues with the application.

2. Check the server of Facebook Messenger

Another main reason why you may not be able to send messages can be because of the Facebook Server. You can check this on the official Facebook Twitter page or type Facebook Messenger Down on the Google search bar. If the server is down then, you just have to wait for the services to resume as you can do nothing during this time.
You can also uninstall and re-install the Facebook Messenger and see if Facebook Messenger install Problem is not causing this trouble.

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