How To Change Background Color On Instagram Story

Due to a huge surge in the use of Instagram, users are always seeking a way to stand out from others. Sharing the best and unique Instagram stories is the best way to share what is happening in their lives and get likes and comments on it.

If you are using a professional Instagram account, then it is important to keep the background of your Instagram story alluring to fetch the attention of the audience.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not have any feature that lets you do so.
However, it can be done by some other means.

You might be looking for ways how to change background color on instagram story.
So, here we are with the ultimate guide to let you do so.

How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

There are three ways to change the background color of your Instagram story. Here is how to change background on instagram story

  • Open your Instagram Story and shoot a picture.
  • Click on the brush icon.
  • Pick your desired color and press the screen for a few seconds.

And your Instagram story background color has been changed. Similarly, you can change any color by pressing on the color from the rainbow color palette.

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